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Do you feel you're unable to follow your dreams?
Do you take negativity and criticism to heart?
Does that negativity prevent you from moving forward in your life?
Have you set goals? If so, have you accomplished any of them?
Do you need to get motivated?

Let Lizzie Velasquez inspire you! Lizzie details her life experience living with a rare syndrome that does not allow her to gain weight. Hear about the negativity, teasing and bullying she encounters on a daily basis, and how she deals with it. Despite a lifetime of difficulties both emotionally and physically, Lizzie accomplished all of her dreams by the age of 21. You can do it too!

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Lizzie's message of tolerance/acceptance was outstanding. It was incredible to witness the reactions of the audience, there was silence, tears, and laughter - the group was truly moved. I was most amazed by the conversations that aspired after the presentation, students talked to one another and shared their stories; they lined up, one by one to talk to Lizzie and tell her how her words were healing. Lizzie is a rare find, she is exceptional and extraordinary - warm and caring, and beautiful -  inside and out. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Mary Jo Garcia Biggs, Ph.D., LCSW
Associate Professor and MSW Distance Education Coordinator
School of Social Work
Texas State University - San Marcos

Lizzie is such an inspiration. Her story has given me hope that
I can accomplish anything no matter what obstacle is put in my path.
Lizzie has this amazing presence; you can't help but feel uplifted and
ready to take on life when you hear her speak. Even though I don't
share Lizzie's syndrome, I was still able to relate to some of the
inner and outer conflict she's dealt with. Hearing how Lizzie's overcome challenges has given me ideas I can apply in my own life.

Texas State University - San Marcos

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